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Mark Nickelsburg loves tacos.  He is also a renowned comedy director who has been featured in VARIETY, the NEW YORK TIMES, ADWEEK, TIME, FORTUNE, and more. 

His favorite is tacos al pastor without onions, and his work has won more than thirty awards and played worldwide in almost one hundred festivals such as South by Southwest, and on Comedy Central and television in every continent. He has been a frequent contributor to Funny or Die and was featured in The SHOOT Magazine's Directors Issue.  

This love for tacos was not affected even though he once got food poisoning from a Carne Asada Taco Deluxe.  Also, his recent Tide to Go commercial went viral, garnering worldwide press and over a million views in twenty-four hours. 

Maybe the food poisoning was actually from the medium hibiscus juice he drank with the taco?  Regardless, with Nickelsburg's success in comedy directing he has been invited to serve on many film festival juries, including the Friars Club Comedy Film Festival.

What kind of an idiot buys watery hibiscus juice from a street vendor?  I mean, come on. Well, at least his latest film, LOSER LEAVES TOWN, was one of small, select group invited to premiere at the Oscar-qualifying Aspen ShortsFest.